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Food business notification

Most businesses that sell food in NSW must officially notify food enforcement agencies of their food business details.

Notification allows government food agencies to assess food handling risks and maintain a relationship with food businesses including inspections for higher risk businesses.

Notify to Food Authority

Businesses that need to notify to the Food Authority include:

  • caterers not retailing the food at their premises
  • egg farms producing no more than 20 dozen eggs in any week
  • home food preparation where the food is not retailed at the premises, such as -
    • for catering businesses
    • for food stalls at periodic or one-off events
    • home-based businesses
  • importers of food or food ingredients that do not retail from their premises
  • manufacturers if they do not need a Food Authority licence
  • poultry meat farms growing fewer than 100 birds
  • transport of live poultry
  • wholesalers

Use this website to notify (free): go to notify food business details

Businesses need to update their notification if any details change: go to change existing notification

For enquiries or if you cannot access the password reminder, please telephone our Helpline on 1300 552 406.

Notify to local council

Businesses that need to notify to the local council (ie. not on this website) include:

  • childrens’ services such as child care or day care where food is provided
  • importers who retail from their premises
  • retail food outlets, such as -
    • café’s, restaurants, takeaway outlets
    • food stalls at periodic or one-off events
    • mobile food outlets, coffee carts, food trucks
    • seafood retailers that process (eg. skin, gut, fillet, shuck) seafood, as long as they do not wholesale product – these need a Food Authority licence
    • but not: butchers – these need a Food Authority licence
  • businesses which sell food as a smaller part of their business, such as –
    • chemists
    • cinemas
    • corner stores & convenience stores
    • petrol stations
    • sporting facilities
  • school canteens

From 1 September 2015, the Food Authority recognises that notification to councils is satisfied by the business applying to council for services, permits and approvals, and through rates notice registration.

This change benefits businesses because they now only need to give their business details once – to their local council.

Contact your local council.


Some businesses are exempt from notification:

  • not-for-profit community or fundraising events where the food sold is either -
    (a) not potentially hazardous ie. does not need temparature control, or
    (b) to be consumed immediately after thorough cooking
  • businesses that hold a Food Authority licence
  • primary production food businesses such as farms other than dairy, egg or poultry meat farms, fishing or shellfish production – these are not exempt and need either a licence or to notify.

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